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 shaggy1184's moderator application

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Still a Noob.
Still a Noob.

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shaggy1184's moderator application Empty
PostSubject: shaggy1184's moderator application   shaggy1184's moderator application I_icon_minitimeTue Apr 06, 2010 9:27 am

JTV username: shaggy1184

time watching jemsy: a couple weeks, more if you were to count being in cubebrick's stream with her and chatting a lot

why I should be a mod: not really a reason, I just would like to be a larger part of the stream of someone I like to watch. I run a guild in World of Warcrack so I'm aware of the responsibilities that come with picking someone as a mod, but I'm mature enough to listen to Jemsy's rules in the channel and uphold them.

edit: I guess my time watching doesn't bode well for me, but for what it's worth I really would like to be a mod for Jemsy because I just love her gaming. I know I would plan on watching as much as possible if modded (not like I don't do that anyway, lol) and because I'm just really awesome Razz

P.S. why do we have to put ILY JEMSY? already know that those of us who want mod love well

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shaggy1184's moderator application
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